The XOTIC MAGIC Spell Studios Showcase Laptop

pic of lego computer pic of lego computer pic of lego computer pic of lego computer pic of lego computer

In 2017 Phelps worked with the materials designers at XOTIC PC to help create a showcase laptop for MAGIC Spell Studios that (a) would be capable of running recent work in games and media, and (b) had enough 'cool factor' to attract folks to the booth. The end product surpassed everyone's imagination: a cool arctic white atop a black etched design, the final machine is truly one of a kind. The machine is paired with controllers, mice, headphones, and headsets that match both the unparalleled technical excellence as well as the black-and-white motif of the design.

The Lego Computer

In 2012 or so, Phelps' decided to use some of his early childhood 'space legos' and build a computer case out of them. Eventually this proved unworkable given weight and materials strength constraints, so instead he encased his computer in a custom lego skin, utilizing bits of RIT signage from various offices, custom Lego pieces from Games+Learnign+Society and MAGIC Spell Studios, and other odds and ends of import. The results are below:

pic of lego computer pic of lego computer
pic of lego computer pic of lego computer pic of lego computer pic of lego computer pic of lego computer
pic of lego computer pic of lego computer pic of lego computer

Top row: (left) the final original build, (right) the MAGIC logo in Lego. Middle row: (far left) the addition of title plates, (mid left) a shot mid-construction, (middle) detailing around liquid cooling readouts and Blu-Ray tray, (middle right) the 'console', (middle far right) close up of the 'clean room observation deck' which was a play on the old Intel Inside campaign using Lego space figurines instead of clean suites. Bottom row: (left) original space set serial number, (middle) early construction, (right) the so-called 'wireless adapter'.

Experiments with HTML & Web Technologies

thumbnail for javascript 3D pageThis is a small Javascript 3D Engine I wrote as an effect for the MAGIC Center website. The basic concept is to track a 'turtle' in 3 dimensions and scale a 2D sprite based on distance. The code is adapted from an old version of the 'turtle engine' that Professor Kurtz and I co-authored in the early 2000s in Director, which was based on Abelsons' turtle geometry concepts from the Media Lab. While the demo doesn't do it justice, you can essentially steer a turtle any-which-way in X/Y/Z coordinate space (more than just loop them around a logo at varying rates which is what I did for the demo).

thumbnail for javascript raytracerHere is a Javascript raytracer that I wrote once upon a time. When I wrote it, it worked in all the browsers of the day. It doesn't anymore, particularly on a Mac. But the point of the thing stands: it was an example to get students in a web design class to stop saying the javascrips wasn't 'real programming' - it's a silly distinction. So I wrote the most ridiculous thing I could think of to write in javascript/DHTML. If you don't want to watch it's blinding speed in calculating ever smaller bits of stylesheet, then check out the screengrab to the left. Or load it up and watch the paint dry...

thumbnail for castle creatorThis is the SVG Castle Creator I wrote as an effect for the original MAGIC Center website. The idea here is essentially to take small pits of pre-formed polygons that look like castles and randomly combine them into larger structures such that you get a different castle every time you get a different page. Whenever you want a new castle just reload the page.

thumbnail for castle creatorThis are the Javascript Snowflakes I wrote as an effect for the old holiday parties at the MAGIC Center. We would project these all over the round walls in the main area, and it would have this wonderful soft glowy effect: a little digital media to make your season that much more merry. Note that when they initialize they kind of all 'fall at once' but stabilize after they run a few seconds.

thumbnail for magic SVG logoThis is an attempt to recreate the MAGIC Center Logo in pure Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format. So there are literally no pixels, just the reproduceable code. This allows you to rotate it around and paste it on things or show it in 3D. (Note that the first link is to the 'pure' version in 2D and the second to a page demonstrating a simple rotation).

The Splattershmup Technology Tests

In the early days developing Splattershmup: A Game of Art & Motion (see the gallery for details on that project), there were a lot of individual little tech tests on movement, drawing, weapons, etc. and whether or not any of these things could be "dong" in HTML/Canvas, prior to attempting to integrate them into WebGL. These are some of those early tests. Ironically, mid-way through the development process the team returned to these tests as a goal for how to change direction and get the game we wanted when we weren't getting there with more a more advanced technology stack.

splattershmup early tech tests image

bullet_image Experiment 2 Early drawing with color.
bullet_image Experiment 3 Drawing with blobs and speed.
bullet_image Experiment 4 Drawing with blobs and speed (again).
bullet_image Experiment 5 Drawing on a scrolling canvas.
bullet_image Movement Experiment 1 Early work on player ship movement patterns.
bullet_image Movement Experiment 2 More early work on player ship movement patterns.
bullet_image Movement Experiment 3 Early work 'flipping' on change of direction.
bullet_image Movement Experiment 4 Adding a paint trail to the movement...
bullet_image Movement Experiment 5 Refining the trail with blobs and streaks.
bullet_image Movement Experiment 6 Adding back a scrollable play field.
bullet_image Movement Experiment 7 Grayscale version, playing with line and form.
bullet_image Movement Experiment 8 Mouse targeting while moving with keyboard.
bullet_image Movement Experiment 9 Messing around with colors and line thickness.
bullet_image Paintr Game 1 Early lighting test and scrolling canvas.
bullet_image Paintr Game 2 More messing around with color schemes.
bullet_image Paintr Game 3 Giving some viscosity and history to the paint trail.
bullet_image Paintr Game 4 Early addition of player weapon visuals.
bullet_image Paintr Game 5 Adding in some things to dodge to see if it is interesting...
bullet_image Paintr Game Weapons Test 1 Exploring some enemy weapon types
bullet_image Paintr Game Weapons Test 2 Exploring player beam weapons
bullet_image Paintr Game Weapons Test 3 Exploring player shields
bullet_image Paintr Game Weapons Test 3 Grayscale Same experiment without color
bullet_image Paintr Game Weapons Test 4 Tests updated with basic collision

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